How to Get the Best Results from Painting Your House

Interior home painting is never an easy task, but with tips and a little advice, you’ll happily be on your way to the home you’ve always dreamed. Your home is prepared, you have your supplies, and you’re finally ready to get started. So now what? Disregarding popular belief, house painting involves more than just spreading your choice of color all over the walls. Following a few tips and some advice can have a surprising change on the results of your painting. You’ll be surprised, and pleased, at how different and improved your home will look and feel when it’s finished.

Remember how you thought you’d never use math in your life? You were wrong, because when you go to buy paint, you absolutely have to know the square footage of the room or rooms you’re going to paint. Many other factors come into play as well, the surface you intend to paint on, are you priming, and how many coats you’ll be applying.

Taking the time to properly prepare your walls is time well spent. 80% of the time you spend should be to prepare you walls, ensuring they’re as flat as possible and clean before you begin. Leftover dirt and dust can peel the paint off the wall.

Don’t worry about color. So many have simply left their walls plain white out of fear of not getting the right color. Paint samples are available for only a few dollars to help you choose the right color, and if you decide you don’t really like a color, you can always paint over it.

Boxing paint is a great way to never have to deal with blotches. The last thing you want is two shades of a color on your wall, and the color mixer is much simpler to use than it looks. Boxing paint is a great way to make your room is a consistent color.

A good finish can hide imperfections or show off a perfect wall. A high gloss finish works best on perfect walls, making them durable and easy to clean, but brings out imperfections. Flat paint works best on walls with imperfections, but is damaged much easier. Selecting the right finish will make your walls look good and welcoming.

Always do corner brushwork first. Rolling after you’ve finished your brushwork will smooth any brush strokes on the wall. And when dealing with rollers, it’s best to use some simple masking tape to remove extra fibers. Extra fibers are often left in the paint, and then become a permanent part of the wall.

Finally, don’t over-extend yourself. An extension pole for a roller is a worth investment, keeping you from climbing up and down ladders constantly, and gives you more leverage when painting a wall right in front of you.

Interior home painting doesn’t have to be a difficult process, and following these tips will bring out the best in your house painting.


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