Your Home: A Perfect Blend of Colors


The different hues painted on your home speak of your personality. It will define the type of individuality that you would like others to perceive of you. There is essentially no right or wrong color combination since the choice is subjective. It is you as the owner that will ultimately decide which you think will be perfect for your humble abode. However, it is a brilliant idea to solicit some expert advice. That way, you will be certain that you have settled for the precise color design.

Let’s take a peek and listen to what interior designers and home improvement professionals have to say about the ideal paint hues within and outside your home.


Style of the House One of the significant factors involved in home painting is the style of your house.  There is the Colonial Victorian and Georgian styled residence. There are also bungalows and two story houses. Get relevant ideas from home improvement and real estate magazines. Browse at over a hundred sites online about these styles of houses, be updated with the modern trends and pick some fresh tips.  

 Nearby Residences You could get inspiration from looking at houses similar to what you have. How do homes from adjacent places look? Did they utilize monochromatic shades? Are they predominantly two toned? Or, is there a variety of colors? Try not to deviate too far from how the entire area appears. Let others gaze at your facade as the most breathtaking one in the entire neighborhood after painting it with pleasant, eye catching colors.


Style of the Room Just as you have placed considerable effort in designing the exterior or façade of your residence, the same amount of endeavor goes for the confines of your residence. Every room must have a definite style and color plan. When we talk of style, every room should preferably complement the ultimate look of the house. This way, there will be an air of harmony and a sense of balance within.      

Function of the Room Each one serves a distinct purpose. Try to coat walls with hues that have a serene effect if a room is there for relaxation. To ease your mind and calm your senses, opt for light shades. Put livelier shades when a room serves as a center for daily activities. Hues that suggest freshness must be used in the kitchen and dining area. Convenient home appliances and other functional pieces of furniture must also be synchronized with the color of the room whenever possible.

Size of the Room You could apply lighter hues to a small sized room that is close to the ceiling to give it the illusion of being wide. Paint the same shades to ceilings to give it the feeling of elevation.

These are but a few of the deciding factors in creating the ideal paint design for your valuable property. Designing and painting the four corners of your home is always a challenge. It is about being able to say in the end as you stare in awe, “This is what I wished for. This is exactly how I imagined it will be.”

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