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There’s No Place like Home

And No One Paints it Better than Marietta House Painting


Looking for house painting in or around Marietta? Stop! You have reached the right place. The house you need painted may or may not be your home, but we paint it like it is! We treat each job as special, and pay attention to your requirements before sweating it out to give you splendid results at a reasonable cost. Over two decades of house painting experience enable us to claim mastery of our trade.


Professionally painted houses look spectacular, but if you are not careful, your carefully conceived interior or exterior paint scheme may get messed up at the hands of amateurs.


Have you made sure that

  • the people you hire to paint your house are true  professionals?
  • the paints they use are not a tiny bit less than the best?
  • have a verifiable track record of delighting their customers with their workmanship?
  • they will listen to you and understand what you are saying?
  • they will be house painters and not bank breakers?


At Marietta House Painting (Atlanta House Painting), you get all that and more! As professional painters with over 20 years history of superbly executed house paining projects, we know our job and your needs.

We know that you cannot afford poor workmanship, inferior paint quality, shade mismatches or imperfect finishing. You also don’t want a paint job that costs an arm and a leg. So we have put together a team of rigorously trained and extensively experienced house painters. Here are a few things you can rest assured about when working with us:

  • Our skilled painters work strenuously to prepare the surface before applying the primer and paint, so that the finishing you get is the absolute best.
  • We only use top of the line paints and materials for your house, so that your house shines immaculately for years to come.
  • Your paint job will not take months to finish. We wouldn’t be lazing around like some of our competitors. In fact, you will be amazed at how fast we work.
  • We have optimized our business for minimum operating and material costs, so we can offer you the best prices in Marietta GA.
  • We take care of the environment and your health by using eco safe paints.
  • You will be absolutely delighted with the end results.
  • You will have complete peace of mind during and after the paint job, both of which will last for a long, long time.

House Painting may look simple, but there are intricacies only experts can pay attention to, little things that may lead to big problems. A poorly done paint job can cause bubbles, fractures, chipping or shade variations, wrecking your money and mental peace. Do not take a risk by trusting your paint job to novices.

Still Worried About How to Go About Your House Painting Project in Marietta?

Relax. We’ve got it covered for you!

Hassle free services, superior workmanship and unparalleled economy are just a single click away.